Innovation Events

Design-thinking workshops:
keep customers in your sights

No matter how exciting your product, without human-centered design, it will likely fall flat. In workshops created for your specific challenges, we’ll rapidly iterate through ideas and prototypes to find the solutions that meet the needs of actual people.

creative coding and collaboration

Let your coders loose and watch their capacity for problem solving grow. We’ll create an event to stimulate their creativity, focus their efforts, and give them new ways to collaborate and take risks in a safe and fun environment.

rapid progress to solve big problems

Give your team a supportive testing ground to develop better ways of working together. We’ll start with a challenging business problem, add cutting-edge tools and technology, mix in some exciting new methods, and voila! After just a few days, you’ll have tighter team collaboration, next-level solutions, and new concepts to take forward.

keep the inspiration flowing

To stay ahead of the pack, you need to keep your idea funnel full. We’ll spark innovation through fun and engaging activities that draw out our best ideas for future prioritization and pressure testing.

Bring your strategy to life with an inspiring partner and courageous facilitator