Bold leadership
to move you forward

Nurture the innovation and empathy that empowers your team. Let’s increase customer engagement, enable meaningful growth, and transform your organization and culture.

Innovation leadership

You know where you want to go but aren’t quite sure how to get there. Enter Leilani, a whiz at teambuilding, a strategic brainiac, a start-up powerhouse. Now you’re finding the right people, guiding their innovation, and keeping them on track to achieve your vision of excellence.

Digital transformation

Need a shift in tools, processes, and maybe even your company culture? Transformation is a journey and Leilani can guide you through the choppy waters of change with her cool, collected presence. She’ll help you create an environment where your team feels empowered and safe in unchartered territory.

Workshops and events

Tired of hearing about transformation and innovation but not seeing it? Leilani makes the change real with design thinking workshops and innovation events that activate teams, fill your idea funnel, and keep your coders sharp.

Bring your strategy to life with an inspiring partner and courageous facilitator