Advising leaders, inspiring transformation, and delivering real change
When it comes to digital consulting, Leilani’s superpower is creating environments of psychological safety that empower leadership and teams to test, learn, deliver, and transform.

Leilani has over 20+ years of experience leading digital transformation efforts in highly regulated industries like health care, higher education, financial services, retail, and distribution. Her strategic advising and consulting services include short- and long-term engagements with varying complexity and involvement. Contact Leilani to discuss your digital and business transformation challenges. 


I transform organizations via:

  • Vision and strategy creation and alignment
  • Transformation program development and roadmap creation
  • People, process, and technology intersection and approach
  • Organizational structures and business process transformation
  • Strategic advisory & coaching support for leaders
  • Assessment of strategic partners & RFP support

If your team is trying to operate across enterprise functions and need to communicate and collaborate more effectively, reinvigorate stalled work, and ensure business impacts are realized, I can help. I align your strategies, roadmaps, teams, and processes to allow for focused progress against your enterprise goals.

Practical strategic advising

For your digital transformation efforts to succeed, you must carefully map the path to your goals. Critical evaluations of your current state, capabilities, teams, and budgets are necessary. A clear understanding of customer and business needs is mandatory. Metrics have to be established. And prioritization is vital.

While these may seem like individual tasks to be checked off a list, Leilani views them as practical and strategic waypoints on a roadmap designed for your team to reach together. With each step along the way, you and your team will grow in understanding of your company and each other, generate new ways of working, and potentially implement new tools or processes.

Leilani’s practical strategic advising can ensure a sustainable, predictable, and productive forward movement for people, teams, and companies. Let’s talk about where your strategic challenges.

Roadmap activation

Once your practical strategy is in place, it’s time to act. Detailed implementation plans need to be defined for all initiatives. People, processes, tools, and culture changes may be in order. As work progresses, reevaluation and reprioritization may be needed. With multiple teams and team members working from the same roadmap, you need someone reliable to direct traffic.

Leilani’s a natural change agent with a knack for helping others find new and better ways to get things done. She knows how to get the right people in the room to stop churn and keep things moving. Her ability to keep an eye on the big picture while tending to the important details has contributed to her success as a leader of large-scale digital transformation efforts.

Leilani can help your team follow through, work through challenges, pivot when needed, and keep moving toward your biggest goals. Let’s connect and unpack what’s hindering roadmap activation.


Most leaders are moving at warp speed, and teams juggle competing priorities. Although it can seem challenging, carving out time to slow down will assist in moving forward with greater focus and speed to meet your enterprise goals while also ensuring cross-functional team alignment.

Step back from the day-to-day and give your leaders, teams, and customers what they need—no matter your specific challenges. Leilani facilitates workshops that ensure everyone has space to share their thoughts and ideas, has an eye for the big picture, a sharper focus on the work, and genuine excitement about bringing the most value to your business and customers—as quickly as possible.

Popular workshops include:

  • Strategic thinking for teams to align on goals, processes and priorities
  • Ideation workshops to gather input from a wide array of diverse stakeholders
  • Strategic planning for leaders to unify leadership, teams, and budgets
  • Hack-a-thons to generate creative digital solutions and collaboration

Contact Leilani to share your strategic challenges and find how she can help.

“I had the opportunity to work with Leilani as she led Medica’s digital transformation work. She is skilled at understanding the complexities of this work and a thoughtful partner to business leaders to ensure their goals and the benefits to their customers are clearly understood and prioritized appropriately.”

Geoff Bartsh – Sr Vice President Markets Growth and Retention, GM at Medica

“Leilani is a tremendous thought leader and partner. I enjoyed working closely with her on Medica’s digital transformation efforts. She did a fantastic job bringing cross functional teams together around a common vision and maintaining momentum even through very challenging times (COVID). This project benefited from Leilani’s technical expertise, as well as the importance she placed on the experience we ultimately delivered to consumers. Also valuable was her attention to business results and maintaining an eye toward measurement from beginning to end. Leilani is a joy to work with. Her curiosity, creativity and positive outlook combined with her significant knowledge and expertise enable her lead organizations through significant challenges to achieve success.”

Liane Hatch – Sr Director Experience Design at Medica

“Leilani is the epitome of generous. Whether it is her expertise or her time she is willing to let others in, share with them what she knows and guide them to a more purposeful place. In the process of doing so, she not only motivates them to become better at their craft but motivates them to be a better human!”

Erika Maronde – Portfolio Manager, Best Buy

Leilani led both customer-facing and internal projects for us – in both roles, she was exceptional.  She built trust with our customers and led multiple initiatives simultaneously in a thoughtful, organized manner.  For our internal projects, she facilitated a cross-company initiative in an extraordinarily collaborative way, and championed an organizational change management approach that greatly improved the success of the project result.  She is thoughtful and empathetic and a pleasure to work with.

– Luke Van Epern – COO at Mindset Consulting

Leilani worked for Mindset as a Digital Transformation Consultant, and she played a crucial role in the success of a key client. Her expertise, clearly articulated approach, and ability to navigate complex challenges were invaluable. Her commitment to excellence was evident in her work ethic and the quality of deliverables. Leilani’s strong communication skills fostered collaboration between the client steering committee and a cross-functional team.  Her professionalism and positive attitude made her a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend Leilani to any organization seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable consultant.

Andy Prier – VP of Strategy at Mindset Consulting