Leilani Bloomquist is a speaker, facilitator, and strategic consultant who has spoken to thousands of people about transformation, change, and leadership. From corporations to industry events, Leilani brings deep insights into the impacts of leadership on culture, innovation, transformation, and lasting changes while bringing levity to the presentations. Leilani is both a speaker and advisor passionate about leaning into uncomfortable spaces with empathy and vulnerability to drive lasting change while supporting leaders as they look to evolve and transform, both personally and professionally.

We are successful in transforming when we lean into the spaces of discomfort, appreciate honest feedback and address the hard challenges head on as leaders of teams and organizations. Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable spaces.

Leilani can educate and inspire at your next in-person or virtual conference, corporate event, Employee Resource Group (ERG) or Business Resource Group (BRG) workshop or series.

Topics include:

The Leadership
Link to Lasting

Learn the key qualities of leaders that enable transformation and evolution of your organization and culture.

Creating a
of Innovation

Discover how making friends with failure and other key cultural shifts allow for innovation and a culture that embraces the test and learn methodologies.

How to Transition from Order Takers to Strategic Partners

Discover how making friends with failure and other key cultural shifts allow for innovation and a culture that embraces the test and learn methodologies.

A few tremendous interactive talks for Leadership teams, Employee Resource Groups, or Business Resource Groups:

Saavy Self

Gain a deeper understanding of your habits and behaviors that may limit your ability and opportunity to rise within your career, and identify ways to refine your limiting behaviors and advocate for what you want while enlisting support and champions along the way.

Finding Your Joy and
Aligning your Career

Pause, allow yourself the grace and space to define what gives you joy, and learn how to craft a career around this focus. Many allow others to define their career paths and promotions without stopping to define a deeper understanding of what part of the role or career path brings joy and sparks curiosity.

“Leilani is a powerhouse. She steps on stage, and you simply know (and you then get to see) that she is both a powerful presence and a deeply knowledgeable guide. She has the charisma of a stellar stage speaker and the know-how of a transformative and uber-helpful facilitator. Book her while you can!”

Sally Zimney, Award Winning TedX Speaker

“Leilani Bloomquist’s magnetic presence and gift of simplifying complex ideas have the power to captivate and inspire her audience. Her wealth of expertise shines through her engaging and informative style, making even the most challenging topics accessible and fascinating. Through her grace and unwavering determination, Leilani stands as a true inspiration in any speaking environment.”

Kurt Schmidt, President & Partner at Foundry

“Leilani is an elegant and insightful facilitator, and she also works hard to curate content that has a meaningful impact on the audience. As a panelist, I felt in safe hands with Leilani, not only with the subject but also with the way that our time was organized. She’d be an asset to any event as a facilitator or a speaker!”

Laura Best – Founder, Passion Collective

“Thank you, Leilani! You were the perfect fit to emcee and moderate the panel at our event. You kept the agenda on track and your leadership experience connected the dots from our panelist to our audience. Your thoughtful prep work ahead of the event allowed us to show up and hit a home run. Thank you for all you did to make it a success.”

Elena Beckius – Senior Vice President, Think2Perform