About Leilani

Leilani has over 20+ years of experience leading digital transformation efforts in highly regulated industries like health care, higher education, and financial services. She’s especially adept at bringing together digital product, compliance, and regulatory teams to work in an agile, unified fashion.

 Leilani is both a speaker and advisor, passionate about leaning into uncomfortable spaces with empathy and vulnerability to drive lasting change while supporting leaders as they look to evolve and transform, both personally and professionally.

With a passion for human-centered design and digital innovation, Leilani brings her supportive and invigorating leadership to support strategic goals and transformation. She finds joy in cultivating teams, events, and environments which enable psychological safety and encourage the nimble, rapid collaboration that drives change in people and culture.

Leilani’s bold leadership and experience in building high-performing teams, executing digital transformations, and creating impactful events can help you and your team move forward in a dynamic and powerful way.

I am...

Uniquely effective at helping leadership zero in the right problems to solve. I am data-driven but human-focused, quick to adapt, and adept at building teams. I am formally trained, refined by experience, and exceptional at driving toward simple, elegant, and focused solutions.

I do...

Everything in my power to help my clients and their teams succeed. I manage vendor and partner relationships to define outcomes and align goals. I lead digital strategy focused on conversion, optimization, and testing. I create psychologically safe environments that foster collaboration, experimentation, and innovation.

We achieve...

Full team engagement driving to shared goals. strategic positioning for future success, nimbleness through foundational strength, quick and positive impacts with lasting benefits, and strong partnerships with vendors and IT.

Bring your strategy to life with an inspiring partner and courageous facilitator